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Getting balance is not always easy, Paulette helps clients to find their perfect balance. Stress and demands of work and home life can be tough but with the right guidance life can be so much more easier.  Author, Speaker, Trainer and Coach Paulette Kumar draws on her experience of Burnout and her Holistic approach to recovery to help Individuals and Corporate Organisations to be the success they were meant to be.
Taking time off work due to ill health & stress can be costly. Paulette can address this so that well-being  and  balance can be found.

Avoid Burnout get


Your Health is Your Wealth


  • Do you suffer with chronic illness?

  • Possibly brought on by stress or a virus?

  • Are you looking for alternative solutions?



Healing M.E. Naturally will help ‘get balance in your life' and 'get your life back on track’.

It is an holistic approach to Well-being, especially if you are suffering with Chronic Fatigue, Sleep Problems, Symptoms of Stress, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) or Fibromyalgia. This book will give invaluable insights into how you can heal your mind, body and spirit with a focus on nutrition, sleep, stress management, pacing, mindfulness, prayer, alternative treatments and natural remedies. Paulette Kumar teaches what she has learnt over the pass ten years of personal experience of herself and her clients. 


Coach Paulette Kumar


Sutton Coldfield


West Midlands


Tel: +44 7754 644202

Email: coachpaulettekumar@gmail.com

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