Better Sleep Coaching support

want to sleep better?

Paulette will personally coach you and share with you effective ways she has personally discovered from her 10 years plus experience of how to improve sleep.  This is so you can:


Fall asleep quicker

 Stay asleep for longer

Wake up refreshed 

​This 12 weeks package will give you: 

  • 1-2-1 SPECIALIST Sleep coaching sessions. Six sessions.

  • Recording of a series of LIVE sleep seminars to listen to at your leisure.

  • Exclusive membership of Closed Facebook group, to get support and solutions for you.

  • Special Sleep Fact-sheet  that will give you a better understanding of Overcoming sleep challenges.

  • Sleep diary template, that you can use to keep track of your sleep progress.

  • Ebook of my new book “Healing M.E. Naturally” with a complete chapter on sleep.

Your coaching will include: 


  • Analysing your current problems with sleep.

  • Identify ways you can sleep better.

  • Finding ways that is best for you to overcome your problems.

  • Your personalised action plan that will help you to sleep better within 4 -6 sessions.

  • A lifetime of sleep tips.