How to create a visualisation

1. First, write your visualisation down - Your brain is an incredibly powerful machine, and it's very hard to keep it focused. You are likely to become distracted by random flying thoughts. So, writing your visualisation down is key to developing it concretely in your mind.

2. How to visualise best? Break your visualisations up into three or so different parts – such as relationships, work etc.
Write down a few bullet points – they don’t have to be detailed – for each visualisation. Simply note down your goals, and a couple of elaborations to give your imagination a little nudge in the right direction.

For example:
Relationships – Goal: Spend more quality time with my loved ones

• See myself planning fun activities
• I am getting to know my loved ones more
• I am happy

• My love for my loved ones is growing


3. Stay on track and keep your mind focussed. Of course, you need to know your goals before you do this – and I mean really know your goals, the ones that excite you and drive you and will move you into action.

4. In addition to writing down your goals, also write down the emotions you will feel when you achieve them.
Note them down too.

For example:
Career – Goal: I will be promoted - Emotions

• I am proud of the work I have done
• I deserve good things
• I am confident and successful

You will come to see that the mere words of your visualisation will be nothing compared to the feelings you generate when you visualise.

5. So, take a minute now to write down some key points for each area you will be focussing on – it’s up to you how much depth you go into, but they really don’t have to be that detailed to be effective - and we’re ready to move on.

How to visualise?

It’s important to be as relaxed as possible when you visualise.
You can visualise lying down in bed or in a comfy chair, but what’s most important is that you won’t be disturbed.
The more relaxed you are before you start, the better your visualisation will go.

6. Make your visualisation VIVID!

You now know enough about how to visualise to start practicing...At last!
The key is to make the pictures in your mind as bright and vivid as you can. Really see yourself acting the way you want to be.

Notice what you are doing and how you are doing it. Pay attention to every little detail of your routine. Look for more details to make the picture clearer. What’s the weather like? What are you wearing? Take the time to notice and feel the texture of your clothes, the temperature of the room, and any other small details you see when you look around.

Again, the more life-like this is, the better the results you will get.

Remember - act how you want to act when visualising. It's the way forward!

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