How to make your own meditative recording

First of all, you will need something to record your meditation onto. Your phone? A voice recorder? Anything will do, but the best options are portable, so that you can easily take them with you, should you need them.

Then you need to plan out what you are going to say.

Think about what relaxes you.

Where relaxes you?

How do you enjoy relaxing?

What do you like around you when you relax?


You need to create a clear mental picture of you at your most relaxed and believe in it.

When you meditate you need to be calm and relaxed There is no point trying to meditate when you are irritated, angry or stressed out. When you have calmed down a little, then is the time to relax.

Start recording yourself speaking calming things, in a soothing, controlled voice. Even if you don't feel it, sound confident and calm. Describe your favourite place in intricate detail. Describe yourself doing something fun and peaceful. Describe the textures you can feel, the smells, the sights, the sounds of the place. Immerse yourself in that place.

Try and record your first meditation for about 5 minutes. Then, as days go on, start extending them little by little, adding in new details.

Then start listening to your meditation every single day. Put time aside so that you can invest in this peaceful, calming time. Afterwards, you should feel calm, relaxed and renewed.


You can also purchase meditations. Some popular examples are here at Amazon