my story

In November 2008, she caught a virus which left her totally exhausted, extremely debilitated and unable to work. Known to some as ‘Yuppie Flu’, she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) and Fibromyalgia.  


She became housebound and was too weak to do the simplest of tasks and this lead to depression. Paulette found that the pharmaceutical drugs she was prescribed caused unpleasant side effects and she found this intolerable. Her strength of character helped her to address the situation in a positive way, by finding natural alternatives that would help her to recover from her illnesses. 

She is now a Certified Life Breakthrough Coach™, who coaches and teaches people all over the world how they too can overcome debilitating illnesses. Her plethora of knowledge and advice regarding nutrition, stress management, spirituality, sleep and holistic remedies will guide you to the happy and fulfilled life that you want.  

Paulette lives in the curry capital of England, Birmingham, with her husband of over 20 years and her two children. She loves sun, sea and laughter, and writes down at least five things she is grateful for every day. Paulette loves to travel and is happy to make the journey to help you to enhance your life.