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Paulette Kumar is a published Author and a member of the Professional Speakers Association. She is also a Certified Life Breakthrough Coach™, who believes ‘Getting balance is important for your overall Well-being.’ Paulette is on a mission to share her health and holistic knowledge with people from all over the world. She encourages the well-being of your body, mind and spirit. Paulette is also a wife and mother and activity community champion.


Paulette Kumar is a philanthropist who has an international presence and has served for over 30 years in her church community, giving advice and motivational talks.   Paulette brought up by a single parent in one of most socially deprived areas near Birmingham and had many struggles throughout her childhood. She utilities these experiences to by being approachable, down to earth and passionate about enhancing people's lives.


She obtained an Honors Degree in Computing and has multiple professional qualifications. She has worked in a variety of places, including Goldman Sachs in the heart of the Wall Street, New York. She later became a Project Manager, a career to which she helped to bring about change, both in the public and private sector.  


She gives practical advice on ways to improve health by sharing her knowledge and experience. She has spent many years exploring, researching health & well-being and has implemented significant changes in her own life. Her motivational talks and training and coaching services empower thousands of people, from all walks of life. 

You can find Paulette Kumar on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln & on Instagram.

 Paulette is available to deliver keynote presentations, motivational talks, training, seminars and TV and radio appearances to appropriate audiences.


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