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How do you manage stress?

Are you feeling stressed? Is work getting you down, family pressures or money problems? We all feel stressed at some point in our lives but it's how we manage stress that helps us pull through. In this article, I am going to discuss how you can manage and eliminate some of the stress that you are experiencing.

What makes you feel stressed?

There are many events in life that can make us feel stressed, this can be anything from moving house, work pressures, new job, unemployment or even parenthood.

Stress can affect us in many different ways. You may experience a mixture of feelings from anxiety, anger, depressed, low confidence and feel hopeless. You may have issues sleeping and eating (some may binge on comfort food). Some people may turn to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism. You may be feeling restless and suffer from headaches.

How to manage stress

Do you ask yourself "Is there a way out?" or "Do I just have to live with the way things are?" We may not be able to control stress but we can certainly manage it. Firstly, identify the source of stress in your life, this may be tricky. Is it work related? Is it associated with your family? Secondly, keep a journal, take note of your daily routine, you may find a pattern.

Here are a few tips on how we can manage stress.

  1. Pacing - the biggest part of managing stress is managing your time and pacing yourself. Take rest breaks throughout the course of the day, when possible. Ask for help and remember we don't always have to say 'YES' to everything.

  2. Balanced lifestyle - Know what your priorities are - family? work? activities? we must take care of ourselves, create an efficient mindset and maintain a positive attitude.

  3. Diet - Your food plays a huge part, we must make sure we have a balanced diet. we may crave for sweet things but this is not the case, in fact, we are craving Vitamin C. Magnesium is also a good stress relief, nuts, almonds, peanuts, dark green leafy vegetables, fish and legumes such as baked beans and lentils.

  4. Treat yourself - You need that time to unwind, do what makes you happy, treat yourself every week, get your hair done, nails, makeup, facial, massage, go shopping or take a break from everyday life.

  5. Set aside leisure time - Go for a swim or do some walking, fresh air will really help refresh your mind.

  6. Meditate - Meditation really helps, it restores your mind and inner peace leaving you relaxed and composed. Yoga is a good self-meditate it is a mind-body practice that has proven to help reduce tension and stress.


"Look from outside the situation, you can see more clearly."

I tell my clients this every day.

Always ask yourself how big is the situation? Can I manage it? What is the worst that can happen? Am I overthinking the situation?

Here is a short video with a health tip for managing stress.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article, please comment and share with friends and family.

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