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Updated: Jun 20, 2018

A supportive relationship can be the cornerstone of personal growth. In fact, people who have a tight network of positive human bonds exhibit greater life-satisfaction and better emotional and physical health.’ Schmidt, The heart of life coaching.

A good life coach will help you see yourself as you are and help you unlock your true potential.

10 Benefits of working with a life coach

1. You’re encouraged to love yourself, and put yourself first

2. You learn how to look for the good in life and surround yourself with positive people that help to affirm you

3. You learn how to say ‘no’ with confidence

4. You will learn that abundance is your birthright

5. You embrace your emotions and learn the power of your thoughts

6. You’ll stay on track for your desired future

7. You’ll be better at achieving your life’s dreams and professional goals, even if you have lots of family commitments

8. You’ll take stock and ensure you improve your personal health

9. You’ll become accountable to ensure you achieve all you yearn for

10. You’ll gain positive insights about yourself that you can use to stay on track for success

Paulette Kumar is an empowerment life coach. She is a real people person who loves to see people succeed and fulfil their dreams. Paullete has been supporting women for over 20 years encouraging women’s personal, professional and spiritual growth. Empowering women, entrepreneurs, women of faith, stay at home mums, women who have experienced ill health and many more.

Specialising in areas such as; Work-life and spiritual balance, improving your health, avoiding burnout and managing stress, empowerment and confidence building.

Paulette Kumar is a Women's health and well-being Life Coach and is herself well recognised for the following;

  • 1-2-1 Life Coaching

  • Motivational Speaking

  • Training & Development

  • Conference Facilitation

  • Health & Wellbeing Expert

If you think you could benefit from having a life coach then please contact me today just click the link and book a free slot

Contact Paulette directly and in confidence to obtain your FREE Empowering Life Coaching session

07754 644202

“Paulette is the real deal; she's always incredibly helpful and supportive. Working with her helps to bring clarity to issues that seem to be very daunting as an entrepreneur.” - Norva Semoy Abiona
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