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The importance of sleep

If you have trouble sleeping at night then this is the article for you.

Do you find yourself having mood swings and lack motivation because you don't get enough sleep?

If you suffer from lack of sleep then you are at high risk of a Heart attack, Heart disease, High blood pressure, Irregular heartbeat and Stroke, as well as Depression, Diabetes and Obesity. Sleep deprivation can overall effect your health, your mind and body so it is important to prepare yourself for a good nights sleep. Many of us may wonder how on earth am I meant to prepare my mind, body and soul for a good nights sleep, well, here are a few tips on how to start.

Sleep at the right time - Everyone has a different time to sleep within the 24 hour cycle, it really depends on how tired you are at what activities you do throughout the day, however, I advise people on my coaching programmes to go to bed at 10pm you can reflect on your day by reading, praying or listening to meditation recordings which I found relaxing ( I have made an audio-video recordings which help my clients settle at night ).

Prepare your environment - Noise can be a huge factor that eliminates us from sleeping, we must make sure we get rid of those distractions, this can be anything from a ticking clock or a creaky bed. What does your bedroom look like? Ensuring your bedroom is relaxing is paramount, so get rid of those electric devices that distract us from sleeping this could be anything from a television light on standby or your mobile phone alerts.

Prepare your mind - Many of us go to bed worrying about something whether it is work-related, family issues or personal problems we all have them daunting thoughts that never seem to escape our minds especially when you're just about to close your eyes. Most people find that reading a book before they go to sleep helps them settle their mind. I suffered from this for many years and hoped to find something that could help me, I was introduced to meditation. I never thought that listening to someone talk and some calming music would work but it did, so I decided to make my own meditation recordings that my clients love!

Eating well - Many of us would never have thought that what you eat can affect your sleep, but it does. Never go to bed on a full stomach, we should all make sure we eat at the right time before is the best time to eat your dinner this gives you enough time to let your food digest. Make sure you eat your 5 a day, even if you don't have time to eat your fruits or veg then make yourself a fruit juice ( I would recommend a NutriBullet ) having one of these every morning will give you plenty energy throughout the day. Herbal alternatives can also help with sleep,.

Exercise - Most of us hate that dreaded word EXERCISE! but do not worry, this doesn't mean you have to spend hours in the gym, a small amount of exercise a day will really help you sleep. Stretches and walking the dog or going for a stroll outdoors can really help you settle at night. I love my morning stretches I now have over 100 stretches available online (You can find these live videos on Facebook Coach Paulette Kumar)

I hope you have enjoyed my helpful tips - there is so much more I could talk about but you can find more information about sleep in my book - Coming soon!

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