"Life hasn’t always been easy for me as I'm sure it's been the same for yourself. For me I spent many years in various highly-stressful work environments.
I became extremely stressed.
I continued my commitment to community organisations, alongside taking care of my family; I've been married for over 25 years, with two children and give support to elderly parents. The result for me was a serious bout of stress-related illnesses which ended my career."
Since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue/M.E, high blood pressure and depression over a decade ago, I have researched and applied various wellness strategies to help myself transition into a life of health and fulfilment.
I qualified as a Christian life coach and Mental Health First Aider on a mission to help people to get work-life harmony, help avoid burnout and give guidance to having a holistic approach to better health."

Paulette was brought up by a single parent, in one of most socially deprived areas near Birmingham. She had many struggles throughout her childhood. She utilises these experiences by being approachable, down to earth and passionate about enhancing people's lives...

...She gives practical advice on ways to improve health by sharing her knowledge and experience. Paulette has spent many years exploring and researching health & well-being and has implemented significant changes in her own life...

...Her motivational talks, training and coaching services empower thousands of people, from all walks of life. 


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